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You can fill in the form below to contact the ABIA. If you wish to contact an individual agency, please do so from the individual agency pages on this site.


The role of the ABIA is to provide a Code of Practice to member agencies, by which their clients can expect a minimum level of quality of service. We do not intervene in disputes between member agencies and their clients. We will also not be able to help where the agency is not a member of the ABIA; please check our current member agencies here.


If, as a client of an ABIA member agency, you have evidence demonstrating the Code of Practice has been breached, you may report this to the ABIA. The ABIA will investigate the alleged breach of the code and will deploy the remedies listed in part 5 of the Code to ensure future compliance by all member agencies. Whilst the ABIA will acknowledge your diligence in alerting us to the breach, we will not be able to enter further discussion, nor assist you in obtaining redress.


From 1 October 2015, the Alternative Dispute Resolution for Consumer Disputes (Competent Authorities and Information) Regulations 2015 prevent the ABIA or any non-approved Alternative Dispute Resolution body from intervening in disputes. Your agency should therefore provide the identity of an approved ADR body which would be competent to deal with your dispute and state whether they are prepared to use it.



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Press enquiries

For all press enquiries please call:

Karen Mooney
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